Drug Treatment Marketing


adding Marketing verticals to your addiction treatment content is key to driving traffic and search engines scoring your site.

Reaching out to sites that have authority, in the eyes of the search engine, is important. We have a large network of publishers that we work with in Back linking.

These publishers of on line content are always looking for new content to link to. Their sites have search authority and linking to your content within their content gives the best results for your score.

Where we start

Publishers that match your content the closest are the ones that we talk to. We identify the best sites with which to link. We have gained a complete understanding of your organization already and will match you with those who will help your site. We also search for new publishers who have authority who might not yet be in our network.


we contact each publisher to link into their content back to you. The more we identify, the better.

Content Development

Our writers are professionals who have been touched in one way or another by substance abuse, we have family who has fallen victim to substance abuse or have fallen victim themselves. They know the industry, research new trends and news relating to addiction. We are extremely diligent in our research. We write in a way to captivate and keep your audience coming back.

Reach out to us today, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.